Renewable energy

Renewable energy has been a key focus for this business since 2014, with the implementation of a 60kw solar PV system, 60kw pellet biomass heating system, 80kw Tesla battery storage system, and a dual outlet 22kw electric car charge point.

The farm and all its buildings, including Corn Bunting House, greatly benefit from these reliable sources of renewable energy. The solar PV system uses photovoltaic cells to collect solar energy and convert it into direct current electricity, which can be stored in the Tesla batteries for use at any time. The wood pellet biomass system provides hot water and heating for the farm office and Corn Bunting House, using a source of renewable wood energy.

The farm also runs a fleet of electric vehicles that are charged using renewable energy, further reducing its carbon footprint. Overall, the use of renewable energy helps this business operate in a more sustainable and eco-friendly manner.

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